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    Admission :

    GMPS admits students without regard to race, color, religion, creed or national origin. The Admissions Team reviews evidence of an applicant’s academic abilities, character, and service to his/her school community.

    Green Meadows Park School was established in 2007 by Moulana Hafiz Mohsin Bin Mohammed Al Hamoomi with its first branch in Kishan Bagh Hyderabad. Moulana Hafiz Mohammed Bin Abdur Rahman is the founder of this school. Developing slowly with 30 to 40 students in first year with one branch and upgrading one class every year the school now has 3 branches.


    The school started with title Green Meadows Park School and now it became Green Meadows High School. In the starting years it took admissions in pre-primary and now it is taking admission in primary juniors. With principal Mrs Farhat Sultana and correspondent Moulana Hafiz Ahsan Bin Mohammed Al Hamoomi the school is providing a quality education with Islamic studies and complete education in Islamic atmosphere.


    Begin your application online. Please call the Admissions Office to be granted access to the online application. You may also further visit our Admission office for enrollment kit.

    Request the following from your present school:

    • An unofficial copy of the permanent record or transcript.
    • One recommendation from a principal, a guidance counselor, or a teacher who knows the applicant especially well.

    Please have your present school forward the above information to the Admissions Office at GMPS.


    Call the Admissions Office at 040-46446786 & 9290606662


    Our Pass-out Rate


    Football 40%
    Cricket 25%
    Volleyball 30%
    Kabaddi 50%

    Teachers Ratio

    • Teacher
    • Student


    We achieve this by using proven and emerging educational techniques tailored to how children learn.


    Integrating big-picture thinking, high expectations, and leading-edge technologies.


    GMPS is purposefully built to provide the academic, social, and environmental advantages today’s children need””]


    The Green Meadows Park Schools concentrate highly in discipline education, understanding the development of children at different times. This is why boys and girls are separated at some ages but learn together at others.]


    Intellectual and personal discipline are standards for the traditional education at Green Meadows Park Schools, where students learn to integrate prayer, study, community, and service with a spirit of academic excellence…learning values that stand a lifetime.””]

    Students Ratio

    • Girls
    • Boys
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